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Having difficulty reaching the right audience? Worry Not. So Cheap Agency is here to help!

So Cheap Agency specializes in Social Media Ads & Management. We generate more leads, conversions, customers, app downloads, and sales. With more than 3 billion users worldwide, Social Media has created a unique opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience with incredible accuracy and with any sized budget. With Social Media ads, you choose the type of people you want to reach, and we deliver your ads to them. We bring you results by delivering Social Media ads to a relevant audience most likely to convert. Here are the top three reasons why you need to advertise using Social Media today:

About 1.9 Billion Daily Active Users...

Billions of people log in to Social Media platforms every day and social media vast user base creates a huge opportunity to reach a wide range of active users that are most interested in your product, service, or business.

Advanced User Targeting... Down to a Single User.

Most Social Media platform have implemented a robust ad targeting system, which gives advertisers thousands of options to reach your exact audience. You can even target down to a single person. Social Media Advertising Company provides targeting features which are unavailable to other traditional media.

Social Media is The Best Way to Reach Customers On Mobile.

Most Social Media platforms rank globally for user engagements and it is the best way to stay connected with friends and family. Because Social Media ads are placed in the news feed, users are more likely to see your ads and take action.

Drive In-store Sales & Launch a New Product

Increase foot traffic and make it easier for people to find and share information about your business. Social Media Ad can enable you and your business to find new customers and deepen relationships with people who will click through and buy.

Promote Your Mobile App

Get your app into the hands of the right people and keep them engaged.

Increase Online Sales & Generate Leads

Find new customers and deepen relationships with people who will click through and buy. Social Media Ad also enable your business to find your ideal prospects and present them with your compelling offer.

Promote your Videos

Make sure your videos or commercials are seen by your target audience.

Choose the perfect setup package

The perfect Setup Package is what you need to get your business up and running. Make that business grow!

Basic Package


One Time Setup

Standard Package


One Time Setup

Premium Package


One Time Setup

*NB: The above service(s) is for One Time Setup and Not Reoccurring. Kindly choose the package that’s suitable for you, and we’ll proceed from there. (Ad Budget Excluded)

Choose the Perfect Social Media Plan

The perfect Social Media Plan is what you need to get your business up and running. Make that business grow!

Social Media Weekly Ad Plan


7 days

Social Media Bi-weekly Ad Plan


15 days

Social Media Monthly Ad Plan


30 days

* Reach: Number of people that will see your advert (Sponsored Post).

* Ad Spending: The amount we are spending on your advert from your fee. The remaining is our service charges.

* N.B. All Social Media Plans covers a single Ad (1 Advert only) and Not Reoccurring. Changes can be made if a customer make a request or if we advise them to do so.

* Kindly Note that Convesions, Leads and Sales of advertisers Product / Services are not directly under our control, but in the position of META after Optimization.

Frequently asked questions

Social Media ads operate on a bidding system, which means the person who bids the highest will have their ads shown first. Cost per click usually ranges between $0.10 (₦41.15) and $5.00 (₦2,057.50) depending on the targeting, industry, product, or service being advertised. While Social Media ad have solutions for local stores and global corporations, So Cheap Agency recommends spending at least $20 (₦8,230) a day to be able to get the most from the system.

Advertisers choose their desired Ad budget which include our service fee listed in the Price List Table.

No your don’t. The One Time Setup Package payment is not reoccurring as stated in Price List Table.

Google has been the digital advertising leader for the past decade. Individuals looking for a solution often “Google” their problem, which gives advertisers the ability to display ads towards these users. This is a fantastic method of advertising because users have “intent”; however, the downside to this approach is that you have to wait until a person has the problem and completes a search before your ad will be displayed. Advertising using Social Media allows you to target your ideal customers based on their interests and behaviors, even before they have a need for your product or service.

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We have been using their advertising services for a while now and they are quite professional and customer oriented.
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